ProSeed and Zenhäusern work together to give brewers’ spent grains a second life

ProSeed Ingredients SA, a Valais-based food technology start-up, and Zenhäusern Frères SA, a bakery, are collaborating to launch a hazelnut protein baguette.

Picture credits: Zenhäusern Frères SA

This new baguette is enriched with plant-based protein extracted from brewers’ spent grain (barley malt), the main by-product in beer production. It will be available from February for a limited time.

ProSeed, a start-up based in Sion that specialises in the upcycling of plant by-products from the food industry, is proud to announce its collaboration with Zenhäusern, a bakery and catering company renowned for its quality products. The two companies have combined baking expertise and innovative raw materials to develop a hazelnut protein baguette. It is made from a protein concentrate extracted from barley malt, the main by-product of beer production. This concentrate is the result of more than a year of research and development by the start-up.

The baguette is made from 100% Valais flour with a delicious hazelnut flavour and is enriched with protein and fibre. It is more environmentally friendly than other baguettes as it contributes to greater circularity in the industry. In particular, it helps to reduce food waste in beer production by using brewers’ spent grains that would otherwise go to waste.

“We are proud of this collaboration with Zenhäusern, a major player in the canton’s bakery industry. It proves that brewers’ spent grains are a quality raw material for improving the nutritional content of food products,” says Aurélien Ducrey, co-founder of ProSeed. “We hope that the success of this collaboration will inspire other food companies across Europe to use our upgraded raw materials in their products. They will also be helping to develop the potential of these neglected by-products.”

This innovative and original baguette is available in the 15 sales outlets of the Zenhäusern bakery from February to April. A sandwich made with this bread is also on offer until the end of February.

ProSeed Ingredients SA

ProSeed provides upcycled food raw materials to the professional ingredients market. By combining technological know-how and a circular approach, ProSeed upcycles by-products from the food industry, such as brewers’ spent grains and fruit pomace, into quality raw materials. ProSeed’s ambition: to strive for a world without food waste.

ProSeed is a startup co-founded by Giulia Lécureux, Mateo Aerny and Aurélien Ducrey based in Sion. It is supported by the University of Applied Sciences Valais-Wallis in Sion (HES-SO Valais/Wallis, HEI) and the incubator The Ark. ProSeed is also supported by Innosuisse and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). The startup won the jury’s “Coup de coeur” award at the Prix Créateurs BCVs 2022.

Zenhäusern Frères SA

Founded in 1982, the family-owned company Zenhäusern Frères SA produces a wide range of products – from bakery to pastry and confectionery – in a traditional manner and provides catering and restaurant services. The company employs 470 committed staff and operates from Naters to Lausanne. 15 sales outlets – bakeries and shops with restaurants or cafés – are open to visitors between Brig and Martigny. Passion and the love of their profession are the daily driving force of this family of artisan bakers, who wish to continue to innovate and create more pleasurable gourmet moments for locals and visitors in the canton of Valais.