First call for proposals for the funding programme BRIDGE: Proof of Concept

The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) and the SNSF are launching the first call for proposals for the funding opportunity BRIDGE Proof of Concept. This also marks the start of the joint funding programme BRIDGE.

The aim of the new funding opportunity is to support young researchers (bachelor’s degree and higher) who want to translate their own research findings into an innovative application. Proof of Concept is open for innovations of any kind and researchers from all disciplines.

Funding is generally awarded for 12 months, but may be extended to 18 months in justified cases. The applicants’ salaries and any materials directly linked to the project will be covered under this funding line.

Proof of Concept is one of the two funding opportunities comprising the BRIDGE programme, which is designed to promote the economic and societal potential of scientific research by strengthening collaboration at the interface between science, business and society. The call for proposals for the second funding opportunity – Discovery – is planned for early 2017.