Projets Proof of Concept de la 3ème mise au concours prêts à démarrer

Ces six jeunes chercheuses et chercheurs bénéficieront ainsi de subsides afin de mettre en œuvre leurs idées de projet :

  • Endri Bezati, SIB, Fast Pathogen detection through embedded genomics in resource limited conditions
  • Olga Dubey, Agroscope, Innovative natural fungicide to control Botrytis grey mold on fruits: new epidemiological insights.
  • Josua Jordi, UniZH, A novel therapeutic approach to treat pandemic obesity and its comorbidities: A translational project from basic neuroscience research to a pharmaceutical product
  • Kirsten Remmen, FHNW, Layer-by-layer modification of membranes for resource recovery
  • Linda Schellhammer, UniZH, Improved biologicals for local brain cancer therapy
  • Daniel Schmitter, EPFL, Augmented Digital Shape Modeling